At Home Abs

1st Edition

This guide will help you tone, strengthen and reveal your sexy abs. With 3 levels for advancement there is room for growth and a place to start for every fitness level. Use it along with the recommended times or to mix up your routine on your own time!

Recommended Timing

Each level should be repeated 3 to 4 times per week and progress levels as you see fit. I recommend continuing each level for at least 2 weeks prior to advancing. Entire program should last you 6-8 weeks. Don't be afraid to take it at your own pace and invite your friends to join! 

Equipment Needed

β€’ A Medicine ball (light to moderate weight)

β€’ One Set of Dumbbell Weights (3 - 8 lbs)

β€’  Your 100% Commitment & Effort


Let's get started!