At Home Abs

- LEVEL 1 -

Warm up with dynamic active stretches (Walking Toe-Touches, Leg Swings, High Knees, Butt Kicks, etc.) 

Repeat entire circuit 3 times with as little to no rest between exercises and at least 2 minutes of rest between circuits.

Modify the exercises as needed to best serve you, but push yourself through each set--every rep counts!


Partial Sit Ups

 - 30 Reps -

Keep your shoulders off the ground, point your fingers straight up to the sky the entire time and exhale with every rep. If your neck bothers you place your hands behind your head.

giphy (2).gif

Bicycle Crunches

- 30 Reps -

Make sure the opposite leg of the one that's bent is fully extended, and try to touch your elbow to that opposite knee if you can!

Laying Leg Lifts

 - 10 Reps -

Keep your legs straight and toes pointed forward. Come as far down to the ground as you can without touching it, and only go as far as where you feel it mostly in your core and not in your lower back!

Laying Trunk Twist

- 30 Seconds -

Okay I know this looks silly...but the lower oblique burn really catches up to you! Make sure your feet are FLAT facing the sky, toes pointed down towards you, and twist that tush like you're painting a smile.

Forearm Plank Out-Out In-In

- 10 Reps Each Leading Side -

Make sure your shoulders are protracted, with no arch in your lower back, and keep your hips as still as possible.

High Plank Mountain Climbers

- 30 Seconds -

 Keep your shoulders directly over your wrists, shoulders protracted, tummy tight, and drive drive drive those knees into your chest!

Side Plank Reach & Crunch

- 12 Reps Each Side  -

Imagine that your fingers and toes are being pulled in two opposite directions when you reach, then explosively crunch into that oblique 

giphy (8).gif

Side Plank Sweeps (No Weight)

- 12 Reps Each Side -

Every time you sweep your arm down, try to pass your elbow that's on the mat, then reach high up to the sky. Keep your hips high too!

Standing Crossing Crunch & Reach

- 20 Reps Each Side -

Boost that heart rate up! Crunch your knee up into your chest then reach to the to the opposite side with your hands while tapping the mat with your active leg.

Standing Oblique Crunch & Reach

- 20 Reps Each Side -

This one is a bit awkward but kiss those love handles good bye! With an open knee, crunch both your upper body and knee into your side. Hard and fast!