At Home Abs

- LEVEL 3 -

Warm up with dynamic active stretches (Walking Toe-Touches, Leg Swings, High Knees, Butt Kicks, etc.) 

Repeat entire circuit 3 times with as little to no rest between exercises and at least 2 minutes of rest between circuits.

Modify the exercises as needed to best serve you, but push yourself through each set--every rep counts!


Full Range Butterfly Sit Ups w/Weight or Med Ball

- 12 Reps -

Keep your arms stick straight and exhale LOUDLY as you come up. Your breath is your friend. Go slow on the way down and keep the tension in those abs!

Seated V-Ups w/Oblique Twist

- 10 Reps -

Knees together, back flat, exhale every time you crunch into your chest and swing your legs slightly to the side for the oblique crunch.

Medicine Ball Pass Through

- 15 Reps -

Keep your back flat, abs tight, and find your rhythm. Think NBA all-star πŸ€ #kobe

Star Plank

- 15 Seconds -

This is way harder than it looks. Have your hands out as wide as possible and feet out as wide as possible. Lift one foot off the ground and resist from letting it creep towards the middle - it should stay directly above where it left off. Feel your core shake and BREATHE. 

Forearm Plank to Full Plank

- 10 Reps Each Leading Arm -

Make sure your hands are planted directly under your shoulders, and try to resist swinging your hips side to side. 

giphy (5).gif

Plank Side Bear Hops

- 10 Reps Each Side -

Contrary to the 90Β° bear hops, your back will bounce a little more up and down here when landing your feet near your wrist for the oblique hop. Exhale during every rep. 

Seated V-Ups & Reach Back w/Weight

- 12 Reps Total -

The hardest part here is making sure that the weight doesn't fall off your feet! What's up core strength! Make sure neither your hands or feet touch the ground. 

giphy (9).gif

Decline Mountain Climbers

- 20 Reps -

Crunch those knees hard into your chest with a slight twist in your hip for more of an oblique focus.

Side Plank Sweep w/Weight & Hold

- 10 Reps -

Just like the side plank sweep done in level 2 but hold the weight through the sweep for 3-5 seconds before raising it up. 

Hip Dip Spider-Man Combo

- 10 Reps Total -

A combo between the forearm plank hip dip and an oblique crunch!


You're a beast!

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