These are a few extra exercises that are totally optional and may not look painful, but they definitely creep up on you! Use them to spice up your workout and give yourself a challenge.

Single Leg Bridge w/Opposite Leg Drop

- 15 Reps Each Side -

Squeeze as high as you can into your single leg bridge, then as you come down drop the leg straight down, but do not touch the mat with your leg or booty.

Triangle Kick-Ups

- 20 Each Side -

Imagine you are drawing a triangle with your straight leg. Keep your toes pointed towards the ground and squeeze the booty at the top of the triangle each rep!

Straight Leg Donkey Kick Pulses

- 15 Reps Each Side -

Try not to arch the back while keeping all of the tension in the glute and upper hamstring. Make sure to keep the toes pointed towards the ground!!

Single Leg Stability Ball Hamstring Pull In

- 10 Reps Each Side -

Squeeze into your highest bridge and find your balance. While maintaining the height extend your leg all the way out then pull back in. If you feel like your hamstrings are going to pop then you're doing it right! The band is completely optional for this one.