- LEVEL 3 -

Warm up with dynamic active stretches (Walking Toe-Touches, Leg Swings, High Knees, Butt Kicks, etc.) 

Repeat entire circuit 3 times with as little to no rest between exercises and at least 2 minutes of rest between circuits.

Modify the exercises as needed to best serve you, but push yourself through each set--every rep counts!


Sumo Squat to Standard Squat w/Pulse

- 20 Reps -

One sumo + one standard = one rep (4o pulses total). Stay low & make sure you keep your knees stacked over your ankles.

Banded Curtsy Squat Combo

- 10 Reps Each Side -

With every curtsy, make sure you are driving through the front heel so you target that side booty. There should be a squat in between each curtsy so you are technically doing 20 squats. Booty on fleek!

Banded Lateral Squat Walk

- 20 Steps Each Direction -

Stay low, keep your shoulders back and keep your chest forward and proud! Try not to let your body bounce up & down. The burn catches up to you!!

Banded Standing Knee Abduction

- 30 Reps -

If your legs aren't already burning after the previous exercise, you will DEF be feeling it here! Stay low into your squat and keep your weigh back into your hips and heels.

Banded Wide to Narrow Squat Jumps

- 15 Reps -

Keep the knees over the ankles and drive through the heels. One wide jump & one narrow jump counts as one rep, so you are technically doing 30. Feel that burn mama!

Banded Glute Bridge w/Abduct on Stability Ball

- 15 Reps -

Squeeze as high as you can to the top before abducting the knees out. On the way down leave an inch between your bum and the mat, so you are never touching the mat in between reps.

Single Leg Glute Bridge on Stability Ball

- 15 Reps Each Leg -

Squeeze that glute as high as you can. Make sure the leg that is straight is pointing up to the sky. Avoid letting it creep towards your face. The band is optional but will help keep your leg straight.

Stability Ball Hamstring Pull In

- 10 Reps -

Squeeze into your highest bridge and find your balance. While maintaining the height extend your legs all the way out then pull back in. If you feel like your hamstrings are going to pop then you're doing it right! The band is completely optional for this one.


You're a beast!