My Story

    I have always been a fairly active person growing up. I started horseback riding at a young age and participated in track throughout high school. Although I may have been showing up for practice every day, I lacked true mindfulness of my health and fitness. 

     I didn't start taking fitness seriously until about three years ago, when I realized I wasn't where I wanted to be with my physical and mental state.  I lacked all MOTIVATION to hit the gym, do anything more than crunches in my bedroom, and naively believed that I would gain five pounds if I ate one piece of bread. Yeah, I have been that lazy, misguided person. I know what it feels like! 

    Then told myself that I was going to commit to at least three days a week in the gym. Easier said than done, I know, but after working out consistently and acknowledging all the positive benefits it has made to my mind and body, I felt EMPOWERED to make this a lasting change in my lifestyle.

     The most important key to living a healthy, happy life, is to LOVE YOURSELF. No amount of external matter, whether it be money, materialistic things, or other people, can provide true happiness without self-love. I believe that our health is the only thing we truly have at the end of the day, and our bodies are our temples. Cliché, I know, but there are already so many limitations to living a full life, why let your health be one of them? 

 Now I am at a place where fitness is my obsession. I feel as strong and healthy as I've ever been, and I want to help you feel the same way! 



     Every day we are faced with choices that

positively or negatively impact our lives greater than we think they do.

What choice are you going to make today?